Benefits of Membership

Our members are our biggest asset. We are committed to maintaining a close network of members and working with each member to achieve their goals. We offer member forums along with resources to assist in the continued professional growth of our members.

Headhunter Forum

Join the group, discuss issues, analyze trends and ask questions. This is a great forum for discussion and a tremendous opportunity to leverage the talent and expertise of the entire network.


Here you’ll find up-to-date information on best practice, souring methodologies, and trends in the industry. Keep up your skills and expand your knowledge with our headhunting resources.


Growing your business should be one of your top priorities, especially in this competitive market. Our network helps you to continually grow your business through referrals from around the globe. But there are other steps that you can take today to help make your business stronger:

  • Don’t give up on exclusivity. Your relationship with the employer is an important one. Gaining exclusivity or even preferred status with an employer will be a testament to your credibility with candidates.
  • Pick the right clients. Get to know your potential clients and their business. Compare their needs to your expertise before you commit to sourcing their candidates. Knowing your business and your limitations can help you to avoid an undesired outcome.
  • Network. This is advice that recruiters regularly give to job seekers, but it goes for recruiters, too. How will you get your name out there with employers? How will you know what talent is out there? Networking is critical to maintaining your edge and growing your business.
  • Find a niche market. When faced with the choice of being average in a number of markets or being outstanding in one market, which would you choose? You will gain more business by being outstanding in one niche market versus just average in serving several markets. Find your niche and grow your business.

Want more tips on how to manage, expand and grow your headhunting business? Join our network for resources, information and forums to help you succeed.